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Obama Deficit Reduction Plan Prompts Call for Repeal of IPAB

The proposal from the White House to slash healthcare spending by reining in Medicare and strengthening the Independent Payment Advisory Board is eliciting strong reactions among industry groups.

1 comments on "Obama Deficit Reduction Plan Prompts Call for Repeal of IPAB"
Karen Avorywoskie (4/17/2011 at 2:04 PM)

I do believe that Obama has lost his mind. He hs donenothing but send money overseas when it is needed here. He is no better than Bush was. All his "so-called" promises turned out to be hot air. He hs done nothing for our economy nor does he even care. He is in it for himself just like all the others idiots in Congress...they don't care just as long as their paid, have enough food, etc., they don't care about anything beyond their nones....