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Is Community’s Hostile Bid for Tenet Worth the Price?

The cost of making this acquisition, should it succeed or fail, is ratcheting up, and not just in terms of Community Health Systems' offering price per share of Tenet Healthcare. Anyone who ultimately gets rich off this saga will likely have a law school diploma on the wall.

1 comments on "Is Community’s Hostile Bid for Tenet Worth the Price?"
Brian (4/18/2011 at 4:06 PM)

I chuckle as I read this article, remembering back to a "New Hire Ethics In-Service" I received less than ten years ago at a formerly owned by Tenet Healthcare facility... I made the fatal mistake of asking the presenter why was it Tenet corporate was so vigorously emphasizing this topic to us working stiffs when it was the Tenet management that got the company in trouble with Medicare and several other state & federal regulators. Funny how would the tipsters at Tenet know where to direct the fed's about Community unless they had used the same business model in the past??? hummmmmm