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Milliman: Annual Healthcare Costs Doubled in Under Nine Years

In less than nine years healthcare costs have doubled for the average family of four covered by a preferred provider organization, study finds.

1 comments on "Milliman: Annual Healthcare Costs Doubled in Under Nine Years"
American Medical Association (5/12/2011 at 7:20 PM)

This study further illustrates that families are paying more for health care, and that rising health care costs must be addressed. With the ultimate goal of achieving better value for our health care spending, the American Medical Association has identified broad strategies to address rising health care costs; these strategies include reducing the burden of preventable disease, making health care delivery more efficient and reducing nonclinical health system costs that do not contribute to patient care. While physicians have an important role to play, everyone, including patients and lawmakers, should work together to improve the overall value of our health care spending.