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Oral Cancer Drugs Deserve Parity

Oral cancer drugs account for 25% to 35% of the drugs in the cancer drug pipeline. But their high costs are causing some cancer patients to avoid them. It's time for health plans to treat these drugs like injectable cancer-fighting medications.

1 comments on "Oral Cancer Drugs Deserve Parity"
Todd Madden (5/25/2011 at 3:44 PM)

Its the same old tired argument. Instead ranting about what health plans or more accurately, employers are covering, why not discuss the high costs of medications? And why more isn't being done to bring done costs either through other markets (Oh Canada) or through regulation. Nothing in the Unaffordable Care Act keeps the costs of drugs down. Yet legislators love to prey on the ingnorence of Americans by continuing to pressure health plans without addressing the root cause of the high costs. Good luck.