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Drama Plays Role in Doctors' Drug Abuse Education

Physicians don't discuss the problem of prescription drug abuse with their patients either often enough or well enough. Now the National Institute of Drug Abuse is tapping into a legendary piece of American theater to drive home a message about prescription drug addiction and intervention.

1 comments on "Drama Plays Role in Doctors' Drug Abuse Education"
Brandt Hardin (7/2/2011 at 12:17 PM)

Pharmaceutical companies cause OVER 100,000 deaths each year from the drugs they push on the public... that's 10 times more deaths than from street drugs. Does EVERYone need a pill for something? The real drug cartels moving their product on unassuming victims are the Big Pharma Companies, averaging over $25 Billion in revenue EACH. Their agenda and money has corrupted Washington and the FDA. Voice your concern with me at