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How to Achieve Physician Practice Integration

Thanks to a host of factors, hospitals now have the upper hand in physician practice acquisition. The real work is not in negotiating the deals, but in ensuring accountability, quality, and productivity at a time when excellent performance on those measures is financially rewarded.

1 comments on "How to Achieve Physician Practice Integration"
A. J. Rosmarin (8/12/2011 at 9:29 AM)

As a subject matter expert in physician practice management advisory services, I can state that there arer five prime reasons to consider integration. Unless a practice can realize a net gain in at least two of them, the probability of a successful and mutually-rewarding transaction is low. The five key components are: 1) Infrastructure economies of scale (documented cost-savings) 2) increase in managed care contract reimbursement 3) Group purchasing advantages 4) Malpractice premium reductions 5) Complementary services Emotional integration for the sake of "just doing something" is never a good reason to act. With one-third of practicing physicians aged 55 and over, this is a subject of increasing frequency.