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Too Many Spine Fusion Surgeries?

Spine fusion techniques are being scrutinized amid reports that there are many needless surgeries that pose health risks.

1 comments on "Too Many Spine Fusion Surgeries?"
B.M.Luklinski ( Mr ) (8/16/2011 at 4:52 AM)

Spinal surgeries ( world FRAUD ) are 100% ineffective due to a FALSE concept /application ,yet is is done for commercial profitability.,.27.5 billion USD is a very lucrative wonder...Useless spinal surgeons "experts" in FAILED BACK SYNDROME = iurrevocable LIFE DISABILITY are culpricts of millions practice "science fiction " corrupted procedures with USA being world leaders..... Lay stupid people "guinea pigs" are crippled victims of own uneducated ignorance.....