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If You Snooze on Sleep Centers, You'll Lose $$

The growing number of potential sleep center patients, combined with a low start-up cost, minimal operating expense, and high level of reimbursement, makes this service line something you shouldn’t sleep on.

1 comments on "If You Snooze on Sleep Centers, You'll Lose $$"
DonS (9/2/2011 at 11:08 AM)

I dont disagree with the points made in the article, but would caution that we may be on the downside of Sleep. Payers (including employers) are questioning the high costs and reimbursement rates (at least in my area) are coming down. In addition, there are home sleep tests which are taking some volume. CLinically there are arguments against them, but there are a certain number of patients who will opt for these as a preliminary screening and avoid the overnight $2500 sleep study. So like any project, research your market to be sure it is right move for you.