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IPAB Wields Chainsaw for Want of a Scalpel

The mandate of the Independent Payment Advisory Board is to trim healthcare spending. But unless it is granted more authority, it will be forced to use the blunt tool of rate cuts, where a more nuanced approach might be the better solution.

1 comments on "IPAB Wields Chainsaw for Want of a Scalpel"
Patrick Plemmons (9/23/2011 at 1:42 PM)

Anyone who wishes for a "benevolent dictator" in healthcare is foolish in the extreme. Do you really want a group of politicized, unelected bureaucrats controlling personal medical care in this country? Have we devalued personal freedom so much that we are willing to cede control of our own health to big government? Government control of healthcare is already onerous [INVALID] to wish for more is inexplicable. The Stockholm Syndrome comes to mind.