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Patient Loyalty Programs Show Their True Value

Loyalty programs and perks originated with retailers, but hospitals are using them to target specific populations, give potential patients more familiarity with their facilities, and possibly even improve medical outcomes.

1 comments on "Patient Loyalty Programs Show Their True Value"
Lilly katz (2/1/2012 at 5:19 PM)

Though it is very nice to conduct programs for seniors, what is more important[INVALID]-is that doctors, nurses and hospitals should treat patieties with integrity, ethical values. Doctors are not telling the truth about the chemical toxic side effects about medication and putting more blame on other issues-instead of the telling the truth about medication. We sometimes do need medication but at the same time, doctors prescribing medications must be honorable and monitor the patient medication[INVALID]-and should be more concerned about the patient's health and not the perks he receives from the pharmacetuical companies. Lilly Katz