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4 Tech Success Strategies for Hospitals

Health systems are making large-scale improvements to technology initiatives they have had in place for years, such as telehealth and robotic programs. Technology can boost quality of care, patient satisfaction, and have a healthy ROI.

1 comments on "4 Tech Success Strategies for Hospitals"
evan (3/19/2012 at 3:16 PM)

This is a great article. All the points within each category of Video Chat, Telehealth, EMRs, Robotics and CT Scans hit home with all their purposes. These are great uses for hospitals to hopefully invest their money in because it will save lives and it WILL reduce cost in the long run. And those <a href="">online doctor</a> can access their records electronically and with robotics assisting, medicine and technology and work together in sync and for long term medical improvements. It was great to read such improvements for different in and outpatient care.