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Gainsharing and Shared Savings Continue to Spark Interest

Gainsharing and shared savings are tricky from a legal standpoint, which is why many healthcare organizations have shied away. But financial leaders who have persevered have saved money in the service of their strategic goals.

1 comments on "Gainsharing and Shared Savings Continue to Spark Interest"
Michael Cylkowski (6/11/2012 at 8:14 PM)

Gainsharing has a one or two year life before physicians lose interest, depending on how aggressive the first year savings were. By the third year, the physicians have no benefit, monetary or otherwise. They are then using the supplies they would never have opted for if they hadn't fallen for the scam in the first year. Gainsharing is a misnomer; the gain from year three on is entirely for the healthcare institution. And, by the way, outcomes is not a metric in gainsharing.