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AHA: Leapfrog 'Manipulated' Data Related to Safety Scores

The head of the American Hospital Association charges that the methodology used by the Leapfrog Group to measure hospitals and assign patient safety grades is biased and flawed. Leapfrog's chief executive says the AHA's CEO is misinformed.

1 comments on "AHA: Leapfrog 'Manipulated' Data Related to Safety Scores"
MedicalQuack (6/28/2012 at 10:48 AM)

I said not too long ago, time for the ratings game to stop and not only Leapfrog but all of it as we need to move on. Ok to have a comparison list to show what every hospital offers as far as services for sure so consumers can drill down and find what they need, but the ratings part of it I think has kind of passed it's time of being useful as we move forward, and you can't rely on all the data today as flawed data is creeping in there as well. I found it 2 years ago with my former doctor, who had been dead for 8 years still listed as being alive and taking new patients:) Here's my 2 cents on the topic, let's move on.