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Hospitals Rarely Report Adverse Events, Says OIG

An Office of Inspector General report finds that 60% of adverse and temporary events nationally occurred at hospitals in states with reporting systems. But only 12% of the events met state requirements for reporting. And hospitals reported only 1% of the events.

1 comments on "Hospitals Rarely Report Adverse Events, Says OIG"
Dinesh Patel (7/23/2012 at 11:25 AM)

The culture of reporting to the DPH and Board of registration in medicine got started thru legislative mandate in Mass in 1987. Mass board of registration has unique systems in place as Patient care assessement regulations Such reporting to the Board has non punitive ,confidential , firewall built in with purpose being self education for contious improvement and there by improve safety well fare and quality and reduction of errors Worth for OIG and other states to look at what is happening in MASS state. good report and thanks Dinesh Patel MD