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Final MU 2 Rules Will Significantly Ratchet Up Vendor Costs

A lot needs to happen before certified products are ready to be purchased and installed by providers, hospitals, and physicians. But vendor capacity is low and demand is high, so brace yourself for the inevitable economic consequences.

1 comments on "Final MU 2 Rules Will Significantly Ratchet Up Vendor Costs"
flpoggio (8/28/2012 at 2:15 PM)

I just got off the Friday NeHC webinar and when asked this same question the only answer was "we don't know a specific date' and "they will trickle out thru December 2012. That means vendors will have maybe the first paret of next year to modify and test their software. And assuming you would want it running for at least 3 months before the start of 2014...that's a very tight tight schedule. There no doubt will be a massive number of upgrades happening around 9/2013. My advice - don't get admitted to a hospital betw Sept and Dec 2013.