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Narrowing Racial Disparities in Nursing

Data shows that helping to educate minority nurses will not only improve minority representation in hiring, but will serve as a workforce multiplier.

2 comments on "Narrowing Racial Disparities in Nursing"
DV (11/5/2012 at 2:58 PM)

Thank you for educating the public on the disparity between healthcare professionals & the populaltions they serve. The latesst Census figures cannot deny the fact the ethnic diversity has & is projected to continue to increase. Fact in cultural competence is that quality outcomes result when cultures match up or at least can become sensitive & educated to the cultures served. I know this hurts feelings, but that is why we have health disparities. This is by no mean affirmative action. I suggest those who are offended get educated & updated in health disparities and cultural competency. Thank you again for this informative article!
Ryan St.Michael (10/30/2012 at 6:56 PM)

1)Diversity(the artist formerly known as affirmative action) is racial discrimination. 2)The US Supreme Court is about to outlaw this form of affirmative action/diversity because it unconstitutional(read the 14th amendment.) 3) There is already a massive pool of qualified individuals of all races waiting to get into nursing school but no space is available. 4)The color of the skin of the nurse caring for a patient has zero bearing on the recovery from illness. 5) How is it possible to write one article so overloaded with false assumptions, non sequitur , and just plain fantasy parading as fact?