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mHealth Trials Are Happening, Without the Clinic

Mobile health technology is booming. But at some point, it's likely that someone will suffer serious bodily harm or die because of an app. Government regulation of mHealth will follow.

1 comments on "mHealth Trials Are Happening, Without the Clinic"
Wayne Caswell (12/5/2012 at 8:48 AM)

Will the consumer medical device and app be more accurate or helpful than the average general practitioner, or the mediocre one, or the top-notch one? Will low prices extend availability to more people and justify trade offs? Who gets to decide: consumers, medical practitioners, health institutions, insurers, employers, or regulators, and what will influence their decision? What might be the role of advertising? This is a relatively new and fast growing area with lots of unanswered questions. So, what may trigger government regulators to seek answers?