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5 Social Media Resolutions for Hospitals

Most hospitals are behind the curve in the social media space. MySpace, the granddaddy of all social media, was created ten years ago. Stop making excuses and get with it.

2 comments on "5 Social Media Resolutions for Hospitals"
Ryan Squire (1/9/2013 at 5:15 PM)

Please review your article and advice that hospitals should have employees sign a form indicating that they will not share negative comments about the organization. There is a growing body of evidence that this practice is illegal and in violation of the National Labor Relations Act. Several decisions by courts and the National labor Relations Board have indicated that employers must have a policy and practice that protects employees' rights to discuss wages, hours, and working conditions; regardless of whether those discussions are negative. Here is a link to the NLRB report on social media:
Stephen Moegling (1/9/2013 at 2:13 PM)

Excellent article and very inspirational. Though a small percentage of systems are using social media, fewer are using it effectively to contribute to the organization's business goals. One reason for this is the silo approach systems have taken with social [INVALID] branding over here, event marketing over there, and social does its thing in a kind of communications limbo. I posted a New Year's Resolutions blog for healthcare marketers that you may find relevant, especially Resolution #4: