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Top 3 Hospital Rebranding Trends

As the New Year gets underway, some hospitals are trying for a refresh by unveiling new names and new branding efforts. In healthcare marketing, as in life, there is no reward without risk.

1 comments on "Top 3 Hospital Rebranding Trends"
jason snyder (1/18/2013 at 4:22 PM)

Hi Marianne. Very interesting article. It's amazing to me, though, that healthcare execs and marketers believe that "rebranding" can accomplish the things they want such an effort to accomplish, including differentiating, communicating value, etc. As you know, health care is undergoing seismic changes. What worked before will not work now, whether it be patient care or administration. Healthcare execs need to start looking at marketing and communications in the same way. I wrote a blog about it at I'd be interested in everyone's thoughts. Thanks! Jason Snyder