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4 in 10 Hospitalists Report Unsafe Patient Workloads

Hospitalists responding to a survey say that time constraints have "likely contributed to patient transfers, morbidity, or even mortality." But one critic suggests their complaints may be attributed to "some conditions they bring on themselves."

1 comments on "4 in 10 Hospitalists Report Unsafe Patient Workloads"
Rick Conrad (1/30/2013 at 4:17 PM)

1. If I remember correctly, JH is a teaching hsopital so each patient could conceivably have an Attending, a Hospitalist and for good measure, and internist. Not a bad ratio of physicians to patients. 2. Nothing was mentioned about Hospitalist enhancers like Practitioners and Nursing staff to lower the physician's intensity. 3. I agree with the comment that one should never let a working Hospitalist manage their schedule.