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Hospitals, Don't Fear Retail Health Clinics. Join Them.

By partnering with large pharmacy chains, hospitals can create new channels for downstream revenue without taking on much risk. Pharmacies have the customer base, the branding muscle, and the deep pockets. Hospitals bring the rest.

1 comments on "Hospitals, Don't Fear Retail Health Clinics. Join Them."
Amer Kaissi (1/30/2013 at 1:32 PM)

Hospital systems are starting to realize that in order to survive in an healthcare environment where the ACA will bring new insured patients, and where PCP shortages will only increase, a primary care strategy should be in place. As part of this strategy, affiliation with, and ownership of retail clinics is crucial. Readers can check the article "Hospital-affiliated and hospital-owned retail clinics: strategic opportunities and operational challenges" in the Journal of Healthcare Management