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Hospitals Fight MedPAC Plan to Reduce Outpatient Rates

Under one Medicare Payment Advisory Commission proposal, Medicare might pay hospitals the same rate it now pays for services in a physician's office. Several options are on the table, but under all scenarios, federal payments to hospitals would drop dramatically.

1 comments on "Hospitals Fight MedPAC Plan to Reduce Outpatient Rates"
Steve Watkins (3/13/2013 at 12:04 PM)

Bunk! As a 'convincer' to private physicians thinking of selling their practices, many hospitals have been out there bragging to them on how much more cash they can generate by billing the identical E&M codes, in the identical buildings, with the identical staff, to the identical patients by billing M&M as 'outpatients of hospitals' rather than as standard physician offices. Hospitals across the land HAD to know there would be a day of settlement....