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Not-for-Profit Hospitals Tighten Oversight as Revenues Fall

While healthcare executives have become more focused on expense management, a Moody's Investors Service analyst expects that not-for-profit hospitals will continue to endure a negative credit outlook for the near future because of challenges to top-line revenues.

1 comments on "Not-for-Profit Hospitals Tighten Oversight as Revenues Fall"
J.L. Regan, R.Ph., MHCL (3/26/2013 at 9:37 AM)

Pretty bold statements about "better managed", etc for this hospitals. You might want to check out the $$$ in these "poor struggling hospitals" and find out they have multi millions in reserves and their foundations. They pay "ZERO" taxes as well, so please do NOT paint them as having such a hard time in this area. Best worring about their "ethics" and how they treat patients along with the rest of the community before you grant them "sainthood".