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Uncompensated Care Faces a Double Hit in Some States

Hospitals in states that opt not to expand Medicaid are at a severe disadvantage to their counterparts in other states, not only because they will miss out on additional Medicaid-based reimbursement, but also because they will face the same cuts in disproportionate share funding as everyone else.

1 comments on "Uncompensated Care Faces a Double Hit in Some States"
Bob Olsen (5/30/2013 at 1:00 PM)

Montana is one such state that has chosen not to expand Medicaid or to establish a state-based insurance exchange. The loss of DSH funding will be hard to take. On the other hand, perhaps our State is also saying we don't need the federal funding for coverage, and we have no argument why the federal government should defray our uncompensated care costs.