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Managing Patients' Pain Improves Satisfaction, Revenue

Pain represents a growing patient concern and a flourishing service line for healthcare. Hospitals are creating pain management centers with a focus on chronic and acute pain, relying on interventional and multidisciplinary procedures targeting long-term pain.

1 comments on "Managing Patients' Pain Improves Satisfaction, Revenue"
David (9/27/2013 at 2:47 PM)

Dr Bottros- the first known surgery-trepination-performed over 10,000 years ago was believed to be performed for pain. Chronic pain is nothing knew-it is only after 40 years of documentation of poor pain care has medicine woken up just a little bit to start to address pain care. Nonetheless, as you know doctors refuse to have education in pain care and still remain prejudiced toward people in pain. The simple truth is, as Dr. Wall, indicated that people in pain often remain"the lonely abandoned folk."