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Can This Be the Healthiest Place in America?

This is a population health strategy: A plan years in the making and backed by the local medical center may make Cheshire County, NH, the healthiest community in the nation by 2020.

1 comments on "Can This Be the Healthiest Place in America?"
J. Kuriyan (11/22/2013 at 9:32 AM)

While Cheshire County has to be commended for the effort, how do they propose to prove that the health of their population is improving, let alone claim to be the "healthiest"? Of course they can make it more easy for residents to follow a healthier lifestyle but the central question remains "If you build it, will they come?" A claim for a "healthier environment" doesn't justify being labeled as a "healthier community" until there is quantitative proof that the health of residents is improving.