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Why You Should Involve Patients in Nursing Handoffs

A new study finds a patient safety measure that nurses and patients alike agree improves care: Involving patients in the handoff process when nurses change shifts.

1 comments on "Why You Should Involve Patients in Nursing Handoffs"
Mary K Parker (12/3/2013 at 4:36 PM)

I love bedside shift report! Many of our patients enjoy being the center of attention and providing input to the oncoming staff. As a supervisor, I discovered that was one of the best ways to nip derisive or derogatory remarks about patients to oncomin shift members. It completely changes the dialogue when we communicate in front of the patient. We have also found that it's one way to minimize the "us versus them" when things are discovered undone later in the shift. When these things are addressed at shift report (missing medications, room cleanliness, etc), it creates a more cohesive team, regardless of which side of the team you're on.