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CA Powers Up $80M HIE to 'Create Value in the Data'

By Christopher Cheney  
   August 21, 2014

Dignity Health, which features more than 40 hospitals and healthcare centers in California, Arizona, and Nevada, sees value in the data Cal INDEX is expected to collect, he said.

John Kansky
Interim President and CEO of the
Indiana Health Information Exchange

"From a provider perspective, the idea here is very simple: The more we know about our patients, the better care we can deliver," Dean says.

"We think Cal INDEX can provide doctors and nurses immediate access to health information at the point of care that allows them to make smarter clinical decisions and provide better care with better outcomes for patients. By working together instead of in silos, we can reduce costs by eliminating redundant tests and paperwork."

Hoosier HIE Thriving
In operation for a decade, the Indiana Health Information Exchange is one of the oldest and most successful HIEs in the country.

John Kansky, interim president and CEO of the Indiana Health Information Exchange, says he and his colleagues are well-aware of the necessity to craft an HIE business model capable of delivering value to the subscribing organizations that keep IHIE afloat financially. "There's a lot of focus on health information exchange sustainability, and it's a lot of work," he says.

Kansky notes that one of the first HIE projects in the country, launched with grant money in Santa Barbara, CA, failed, mainly because of a lack of long-term planning and outreach to potential sources of financing.

He says HIE projects started with grants or other finite seed money are risky without a solid business model designed to eventually achieve self-funding. "You've given yourself a runway, and when you get to the end of the runway, you better have a way to demonstrate value," he says.

Christopher Cheney is the senior clinical care​ editor at HealthLeaders.

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