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HealthLeaders Twenty Nominations Are Open

February 04, 2020


How to Apply

HealthLeaders is seeking to spotlight the best twenty healthcare problem solvers. The chosen nominees will shed light on healthcare issues that they have helped solve in the modern healthcare landscape. 

To make a nomination, click here, or paste the following URL into your internet browser’s address bar: We recommend that you paste your responses into the nomination fields from a Word document. 

There is no fee to enter.

Who Should Apply

Are you or a colleague a healthcare problem solver? Any person who is leading change in healthcare or knows of a colleague who is doing so is welcome to submit a nomination.

Eligible to apply:

  • Healthcare leadership at hospitals, health systems, health plans, or medical groups (i.e., Directors, VPs, CEOS, CFOs, CNOs, CMOs, CIOs, etc)
  • Individual or team submissions welcome

Ineligible to apply:

  • Vendors within the healthcare industry
  • Consultants
  • Associations
  • Not-for-profit health coalitions and free clinics
  • University researchers

Benefits of Winning

If you or a colleague is selected, you’ll not only get the opportunity to bolster your professional portfolio, highlight your healthcare organization’s top-notch processes, and lead an important industry conversation, you’ll also provide your peers with inspiration and the impetus to improve their own processes.

Winners receive:

  • Print coverage as an award recipient in HealthLeaders magazine September/October 2020 issue. The magazine reaches 40,000 leaders in healthcare. Interview and photoshoot covered by HealthLeaders. 
  • Digital coverage on HealthLeaders website, visited by 250,000 healthcare professionals each month.
  • Acknowledgement in press release, distributed by HealthLeaders nationwide
  • Opportunity to be a guest on our HealthLeaders podcast

Deadlines & Guidelines

The 2020 HealthLeaders editorial team, in conjunction with an executive leader panel, will select twenty people to highlight in the September/October 2020 HealthLeaders magazine and on the HealthLeaders website.

Nominees will receive notice regarding whether their nomination has been selected.

The winning nominations will showcase creative solutions that the nominees have helped implement at their organizations or within the healthcare industry.

This solution can have occurred at any time, as long as it reflects current industry standards and continues to benefit the organization or healthcare industry.


  • Have you saved your organization revenue? How?
  • Have you improved internal processes that positively affect day-to-day operations? 
  • Have you seen a dramatic increase in patient satisfaction? What lead to this? 
  • Have you launched a solution or tool that improves patient outcomes? 

The nominee(s) should provide:

  • A specific (and widely relatable) challenge that sparked a meaningful change in healthcare
  • The steps that the nominee(s) took to conceive, develop, and implement their solution, including any hurdles they overcame along the way
  • The short- and long-term effects of the solution (with data and results)
  • Takeaways for the broader professional community


Use the following questions to guide your responses on the 2020 HealthLeaders Twenty nominee form and, by extension, help the HealthLeaders executive leader panel understand how you or a colleague made a difference in healthcare:

  • What specific healthcare challenge inspired action?
  • What was the proposed solution, and what was the rationale for its implementation?
  • Who was involved in development and execution, and what role did each participant play?
  • What were the key steps in implementation?
  • What were the important effects of the solution?
  • Did the involved parties encounter any challenges in developing or implementing the solution? If so, how did they address those obstacles?
  • What can the broader healthcare leadership community take away from your experience? In other words, why should HealthLeaders readers care about your journey?

Submit Application


We look forward to hearing from you! If you’d like more information, please email HealthLeaders Content Manager Erika Randall at

Panel of Judges

The HealthLeaders executive leader panel will select twenty people to feature in the HealthLeaders September/October 2020 magazine along with profiles featured on the HealthLeaders website.

We’re currently accepting sponsorships for the HealthLeaders Twenty program. To inquire about sponsorship, complete the form below.

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