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Patient Experience is Bigger Than HCAHPS Scores

By Jennifer Thew RN  
   April 17, 2018

Expand your view of patient experience

"Patient experience is something we measure retrospectively. It can give us a narrow picture. We would do well to expand our view of what patient experience is, framing it broadly in patient-centered terms.  For me, that means a holistic view of providing value for your consumer. I know that is not [traditional] nursing language. But, how do you translate this movement of value-based care and consumerism into what we've traditionally thought about as patient satisfaction and patient experience?"

"I think as nurse leaders we have to broaden our lens in terms of consumer value, patient- centered care and what that can lead to, as opposed to just focusing on patient satisfaction, patient experience, and HCAHPS or CGCAHPS scores."

Be an intentional listener

"The first avenue is engaging patients as our partners. One way to do this is forming patient advisory councils. The patient advisory council will help caregivers understand the [heart] of the patient's experience and how we might specifically design any program, particularly those where a robust discussion would shed light on the patients' wants and needs."

"Another way to engage patients is using consumer research. We are very lucky at Aurora to have an expert consumer research division that does ethnographic studies [research] that are very solid in terms of scale of measurement, data, and research. They analyze the data in a very evidence-based way."

"Typically, in the healthcare industry, we haven't done the kinds of consumer research that other industries, like Apple, do. Think about whether your organization is doing consumer research and listening to patients in a way that would really help you become more customer focused."

Jennifer Thew, RN, is the senior nursing editor at HealthLeaders.

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