5 Ways CNOs Build Culture and Practice

An Independent HealthLeaders Media report
  • January 2020

    As today’s healthcare landscape undergoes change at a record rate, more challenges are being added to a leader’s roles. Chief nursing officers, in particular, are having to adroitly manage myriad responsibilities at once rather focusing on a single issue at a time. Improving the patient experience, ensuring a safe work environment, growing new nurses, and retaining seasoned staff are just some of the items on a CNO’s daily plate. Excelling in a demanding setting requires CNOs to be forward- and creative-thinking in leading and supporting nurses in their efforts to deliver optimal patient care.   

    During the 2019 HealthLeaders CNO Exchange in Ojai, California, 30 nurse executives engaged in a discussion of ideas and strategies to develop best practices for improving workplace culture and the art of nursing.

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