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6 HealthLeaders Magazine Interviews From 2020

Analysis  |  By Jack O'Brien  
   January 01, 2021

The Interview subjects ranged from C-suite healthcare executives to entrepreneurs, innovators, and a former HHS Secretary

In each issue of HealthLeaders Magazine, we include an Interview feature with a prominent healthcare executive.

In 2020, the Interview subjects ranged from C-suite healthcare executives to entrepreneurs, innovators, and a former HHS Secretary.

Throughout a chaotic year such as this, the conversations with industry players who are making a difference, and driving the conversation were more important than ever. 

Below are the six HealthLeaders Magazine Interview features of 2020:

January/February: Neel Shah, MD

Clinical Care Editor Christopher Cheney interviewed Shah, a healthcare leader with numerous roles and responsibilities.

Shah is an obstetrician-gynecologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, director of the Delivery Decisions Initiative at Ariadne Labs, and board chair of Costs of Care.

Key quote: "The best models are the ones that put a contingency on payment over and above having simply provided a service. Any of those models are better than testing for something, drawing blood, or poking you with a sharp object, then billing for it irrespective of the outcome. That clearly is a crazy system. There is no other sector of the economy or other industry where that would be OK. There's no other area that tolerates the kind of paternalism or opacity that behavior requires."

March/April: Congresswoman Donna Shalala (D-Fla.)

Earlier this year, I interviewed the nation's former and longest-serving secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Shalala served under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 2001.

In 2018, Shalala was elected to represent Florida's 27th congressional district but was defeated in her reelection bid this November. 

Key quote: "What's shaped my perspective is talking to people in my community and their concerns about out-of-pocket costs. I'm concerned that while we're revolutionizing the delivery of care, we're forgetting about out-of-pocket costs, and so many businesses have moved to high-deductible plans."

May/June: Karen Murphy, PhD, RN

Innovation Editor Mandy Roth interviewed Murphy, the former Secretary of Health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and current CIO at Geisinger.

Murphy also served as director of the State Innovation Model Initiative for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation and CEO of Moses Taylor Health System (now Commonwealth Health).

Key quote: "As chief innovation officer, I'm focused on developing fundamentally different approaches to healthcare. That's how we define innovation: a fundamentally different approach to solving a problem that has quantifiable outcomes."

July/August: Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong

For my second Interview feature of the year, I spoke with Dr. Soon-Shiong CEO of NantWorks.

We discussed his trailblazing healthcare career and interests outside of healthcare, which includes owning both the Los Angeles Times and The San Diego Union-Tribune, as well as a minority stake in the Los Angeles Lakers.

Key quote: "If you would describe what I do, I'm a sort of systems engineer of the human body trying to understand it. I'm trying to make sense of it and how we can then create treatments that affect life-threatening diseases."

September/October: Marcus Whitney

Online News Editor John Commins interviewed Whitney, CEO and co-founder of Health:Further, a Nashville-based consulting company.

Whitney highlighted his career as a healthcare entrepreneur and investor along with his advice for the industry's leaders during a time of change.

Key quote: "It's critical to have people of color in leadership roles in healthcare, and it's also not happening; not in any way that would be reasonable and measurable. It's important because it's the largest segment of the United States economy, and it also is an essential service that touches every life in America."

November/December: Hayley Hovious

Finally, I interviewed Hayley Hovious, president of the Nashville Health Care Council.

Hovious detailed her unorthodox path to healthcare leadership and the lessons she has learned from interfacing with industry executives over the past six years.

Key quote: "When you start looking at social determinants of health, it's important that we fund early childhood education, feed people, and house people in a way that is safe, secure, and healthy [and starting] at a young age because those types of things move generationally, and we'll end up paying three times the amount that we need to by not investing in those early years."

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Jack O'Brien is the Content Team Lead and Finance Editor at HealthLeaders, an HCPro brand.

Photo credit: Caroline Harrison

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