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Physician owners ante up $3M to save Doctors' Hospital in MI

By The Detroit News  
   February 10, 2011

A group of doctors that own a majority stake in Doctors' Hospital of Michigan have pooled $3 million and today plan to buy out the 35% share of a regional healthcare system. The move is aimed at keeping the struggling Pontiac hospital open and saving jobs. The hospital warned the state last fall --- and again in January --- that it could close and lay off up to 690 employees if efforts to sell or restructure the 351-bed facility failed. Doctors' Hospital of Michigan board Chairman Yatinder Singhal, MD, said doctors hope buying out McLaren Health Care Corp. will save jobs. Ending the relationship with Flint-based McLaren is being done for "business reasons," said Anil Kumar, MD, a urologist and a hospital board member."

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