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What's in Trump's 'American Patients First' Plan?

By HealthLeaders Media Staff  
   May 11, 2018

3. Incentives for lower list prices

Immediate Actions

  • FDA evaluation of requiring manufacturers to include list prices in advertising
  • Updating Medicare’s drug-pricing dashboard to make price increases and generic competition more transparent

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Further Opportunities

  • Measures to restrict the use of rebates, including revisiting the safe harbor under the Anti-Kickback statute for drug rebates
  • Additional reforms to the rebating system
  • Using incentives to discourage manufacturer price increases for drugs used in Part B and Part D
  • Considering fiduciary status for Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)
  • Reforms to the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program
  • Reforms to the 340B Drug Discount Program
  • Considering changes to HHS regulations regarding drug copay discount cards

4. Lowering out-of-pocket Costs

Immediate Actions

  • Prohibiting Part D contracts from preventing pharmacists’ telling patients when they could pay less out-of-pocket by not using insurance
  • Improving the usefulness of the Part D Explanation of Benefits statement by including information about drug price increases and lower cost alternatives

Further Opportunities

  • More measures to inform Medicare Part B and D beneficiaries about lower cost alternatives
  • Providing better annual, or more frequent, information on costs to Part D beneficiaries

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