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Deloitte to Help Organizations Address AI Ethics

Analysis  |  By Scott Mace  
   March 24, 2021

Team-up with Chatterbox Labs, due out next month, will build on related work by both companies.

The thorny issue of monitoring, updating, and validating an organization's artificial intelligence (AI) model in the face of growing concern about unethical AI use is the basis for a new team-up between the Deloitte AI Institute and Chatterbox Labs, a technology company that validates ethical, trustworthy, and fair AI.

Model Insights for Trustworthy AI will be a Deloitte-branded solution to help organizations address AI ethics.

State of AI in the Enterprise, the recently released third edition of Deloitte's study of enterprise AI adoption, concluded that 95% of those surveyed are concerned about their AI initiatives' ethical risks.

The Deloitte AI Institute developed a guide for organizations on how to utilize AI responsibly within their enterprises, and deal with common risks and challenges regarding the ethics of using AI. Now this guide, the Deloitte Trustworthy AI framework, is being operationalized through the Chatterbox collaboration.

By continuous monitoring of enterprise AI models, the new technology, Model Insights for Trustworthy AI, provides insights that can detect biases and vulnerabilities, and let organizations validate that their AI models are ethical.

"Rapid developments in AI have unlocked incredible opportunities for organizations globally," said Beena Ammanath, executive director of the Deloitte AI Institute, in an announcement. "At the same time, more work is needed to ensure the ethical use of AI technology."

Deloitte's Model Insights technology, which will be available in April 2021, is built on Artificial Intelligence Model Insights from Chatterbox Labs.

Scott Mace is a contributing writer for HealthLeaders.

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