Healthcare’s Top Operational Challenges in the Next Two Years

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New survey finds hospital and health system leaders are setting their sights on more robust security, data, and interoperability.

While the last two years have brought massive change, financial loss, and unimaginable challenges, they have also led to tremendous disruption and innovation for U.S. hospitals and health systems.

As healthcare leaders plan key operational moves in the next two years, a recent HealthLeaders Buzz Survey supported by Infor on the topic of healthcare operational systems reveals the top struggles and priorities for 100 executives at provider organizations. 

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  • How hospitals are adapting to change, applying innovation, and making cultural shifts to improve their organizations
  • The importance of improving interoperability as care continues to shift to the home and other environments
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Study of 287 Physicians Reveals Wasteful Behaviors That Drive Lost Revenue

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This study details potentially wasteful behaviors that are predictive of 47% of provider spending variation. These wasteful actions in the medication and laboratory space were found to be significant opportunities to make less costly decisions without compromising quality in the right clinical context. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • An 8-month study using data from more than 200 healthcare facilities
  • Method identified to directly measure behaviors that correlate with higher spending 
  • Means to intervene on wasteful behaviors verified to reduce both the behaviors and spending

Best Practices Guide: Driving Hospital and Health System Growth Strategy

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Healthcare organizations must become more consumer-centric to thrive in the rapidly changing marketplace. Questions around growth strategy are gaining momentum. Healthcare leaders are getting more confident in their ability to pivot in a positive way to the type of growth that's meaningful for both the communities they serve and their organization's overall mission.

By downloading this latest Best Practices Guide, you will gain insight into:

  1. Measuring success with your consumers by creating indicators of growth
  2. Financial trends that could impact your bottom line
  3. Marketing tactics that need to be at the forefront of your organization’s initiatives
  4. An AdventHealth case study that ultimately yielded a 474:1 ROI for the organization

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Neuroscience of Mental Health

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COVID-19 impacted healthcare workers in unprecedented ways, requiring rapid adoption of new skillsets, caring for sicker patients, and putting their own health at greater risk—all of which has taken its toll on mental health.

Clinician and staff burnout is rampant. Understanding and responding to healthcare’s growing crisis is going to take a more outside-the-box approach. It is time to start looking at neuroscience-based solutions for stronger mental health to combat burnout.

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Halifax Health Reduces Uncompensated Care While Supporting Patients with Eligibility and Enrollment Services

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Change Healthcare

To reduce uncompensated care while improving the patient financial experience–in the hospital and beyond–Halifax Health turned to Change Healthcare Eligibility & Enrollment Services. Read this case study to learn more.

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Health System Optimizes Scheduling with Patient Access Center Services

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Learn how Einstein Healthcare Network successfully streamlined patient scheduling for approximately 700 providers and strengthened customer service for more than 65,000 patient calls monthly with Change Healthcare's Patient Access Center Services.

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