Answers to the C&R Quiz

, May 26, 2010

1. c. 350 of the 506 involved retention of a foreign object, roughly 70%

2. d. Death during or up to 24 hours after induction of anesthesia after surgery accounted for 72 of the 506 adverse events in surgery.

3. a. Stage 3 or 4 decubitus ulcers accounted for an amazing 65%, or 1,585 of the 2,446 adverse events.

4. c. Sexual assault on a patient accounted for 43 of the 56 criminal events, or 77%.

5. c. Death or serious disability associated with a burn occurred 6 times. Death from a fall accounted for 73 of the 91 environmental events. Electric shock caused one death, oxygen line containing wrong or toxic gas caused one death and use of restraints and bedrails caused death or serious disability 10 times.

6. a. True. Patient suicides or attempted suicides accounted for 25 of the 31 adverse events classified as involving lapses in patient protection.

7. a. 62 of the 2,446 events involved death or serious disability associated with a medication error, or about 2.5%. The bulk of 1,675 events classified as care management events involved development of stage 3 or 4 decubitus decubitus ulcers after admission.

8. c. 7% or 177 incidents of the 2,446.

9. a. No infants were discharged to the wrong person.

10. b. State officials are asking that $800,000 be spent on a hospital cooperative effort to study ways to prevent surgical teams from forgetting to remove foreign objects from patients.

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