The Hartford Courant / The Connecticut Mirror, August 11, 2014

Connecticut's largest hospital network and largest insurer are in the midst of a contract dispute. It's a type of clash that's become familiar, but it's occurring in a new context, against the backdrop of significant changes in health care: the consolidation of hospitals into larger networks and efforts by insurers to change how they pay for care. The dispute pits Hartford HealthCare, the parent company of five Connecticut hospitals, against Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The two say they'll sever ties Oct. 1 if they can't reach a deal on new contracts. That would mean the five hospitals -- Hartford, Backus, Windham, MidState Medical Center and The Hospital of Central Connecticut -- would be out of Anthem's network, and Anthem customers would likely face significantly higher costs to get care at one of those facilities. (Coverage of doctors who are part of Hartford HealthCare Medical Group would not be affected.)
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