MN pharmacies face rules on hazardous materials

AP/Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 25, 2010

In December, pharmacist Jim Gotta of Country Store and Pharmacy in Sartell, MN, received a letter from the state of Minnesota instructing him on the right way to dispose of hazardous waste — or else face penalties. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency informed him that beginning Oct. 1 "all healthcare facilities will be subject to full enforcement of hazardous waste regulations, including the possibility of financial penalties for noncompliance." The MPCA letter gave healthcare providers a website to visit to understand the new regulations being placed upon them as well as to go through the required training needed to handle hazardous wastes. "This new enforcement seems appropriate," Gotta said. "Presently, I'm holding on to all the hazardous waste. I'm sitting on a bunch of stuff that I'm anxious to get rid of. I'm pretty excited about getting this stuff out of the water and landfills."



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