Pioneer Press, June 21, 2011

Minnesota hospitals, nursing homes and other care providers should be paid even if state government shuts down July 1, Gov. Mark Dayton will argue in a motion he plans to file in court today. Dayton changed his mind on the healthcare providers. Last week, he did not include them on a list of "critical services" that he asked the Ramsey County District Court to order funded in the event of a shutdown. "After consultation with seniors and other vulnerable Minnesotans served by our programs, we recognize the lack of assured provider payments could indeed lead to life-threatening situations," state Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson said in a news release. "The governor's legal filing and contingency plans will be refined to reflect this." Programs covered by Dayton's filing will include Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare, food support programs, group residential facilities and related health and welfare programs.

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