Philanthropy Yields $9B for NFP Hospitals in 2012

, September 19, 2013

Hospitals that are most successful at raising funds are those that use metrics to determine how to allocate their fundraising resources and those that put an emphasis on major donors, a report on philanthropy finds.

Despite challenging economic conditions, nonprofit hospitals and health systems in the U.S. raised $8.941 billion through their philanthropic efforts in fiscal year 2012, the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy announced Tuesday.

According to the AHP's 29th annual Report on Giving survey, total donations in FY 2012 were steady compared to FY 2011 and up by more than seven percent compared to FY 2010.
Gift sources for FY 2012 included

  • Major gifts (22.2%)
  • Corporate and foundation gifts (20.9%)
  • Annual gifts (19.5%), special events (14.9%)
  • Planned giving (9.5%), and
  • Government grants (4.0%)

The report also examines the characteristics of the top 25% of healthcare organizations in terms of total production, which it characterizes as high performers.

William C. McGinly, PhD, AHP's president and chief executive officer, says high performers are devoting more resources to their philanthropy efforts than low performers, noting the "break point appears to be about $2 million" for the amount an institution needs to invest in order to see strong fundraising results.


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