DOJ Seeks Dirt as Anthem, Cigna Squabble

Gregory A. Freeman, September 28, 2016

DOJ Seeks Dirt as Anthem, Cigna Squabble

The Department of Justice has revealed that the two health insurers are accusing each other of breaching their agreement to merge in a $48.2 billion deal.

With the Department of Justice digging deep to find evidence of antitrust and the bride and groom bickering, the chances that the two biggest health insurers in the country will unite as one are dwindling.

Anthem, Aetna Merger Suits Separated by Judge

Anthem and Cigna face a formidable opponent in the Department of Justice, and now it seems they can't along with each other either.

Anthem stands to lose big if their deal falls apart, with the merger agreement requiring that Anthem pay Cigna a $1.85 billion breakup fee if they part ways. If they stay together but the court blocks the merger, however, Anthem may be off the hook.

Gregory A. Freeman

Gregory A. Freeman is a contributing writer.

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