Miami Herald, October 7, 2011

Ruth Reveron used her Hialeah rehabilitation center to fraudulently overcharge Medicaid by more than $1 million before authorities caught on, terminated her participation in the state-run medical program and turned her case over to Florida's attorney general, prosecutors say. But here's what the Agency for Health Care Administration, which administers the Medicaid program, missed: Nine months after Reveron's censure, her clinic—T&R Diagnostic and Rehab Center—remained open, and continued to successfully bill Medicaid up until her arrest in early September. Reveron's days in the physical therapy business appear over. She sits in a Miami jail cell, charged with Medicaid fraud and grand theft for heading up the long-running scheme, according to state investigators. But son Luis Yance, who the state claims participated in his mother's scam, has not been charged. He now runs his own rehab center in the same office building that held Reveron's now-defunct clinic.
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