NCQA Releases Medicare, Medicaid Plan Rankings

Cheryl Clark, November 2, 2010

The National Committee for Quality Assurance, a private non-profit organization, has released its 2010 list of the best health plans for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries throughout the country.

The organization published scorecards for 183 of about 300 Medicare plans, and 104 of about 200 Medicaid plans.

The listing follows a similar release in September in which NCQA rated 223 of about 300 private health plans.

The rankings for government health plan beneficiaries covered by Medicare are:

1.  Capital Health Plan

2.  Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado

3.  Fallon Community Health Plan

4.  Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest

5.  Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Southern California

6.  Security Health Plan of Wisconsin

7.  Tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organization

8.  Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Northern California

9.  MVP Health Care (Rochester Area)


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