Healthcare Jobs Forecast Tricky

Ryan Chiavetta, January 6, 2014

There will be job growth for the next decade, federal economists say, but predicting which jobs hospitals and healthcare systems will be most seeking to fill in the coming year is a bit tougher to pin down.

Forecasting the trajectory of the healthcare job market is a popular New Year's exercise, and judging by the forecasts I've seen, conditions are looking pretty good for healthcare careers in 2014.

Here's the long view: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects healthcare jobs to grow at a rate of 2.6% between 2012 and 2022. Less than 3% may not sound great, but over a decade, that adds up to 5 million jobs.

These numbers point to happy days, but how about some specifics? Is the industry starting to see these optimistic projection play out? As of now, there isn't a concrete answer. Landry Seedig, Senior VP and General Manager of the Allied Division of workforce solutions provider AMN Healthcare, notes that the end of 2013 left his organization with a murky view of the upcoming year.

"We thought that things would become a lot more clear as we approached the end of 2013, but unfortunately it has gotten a little bit more muddy," said Seedig in a phone interview. "There was the expectation of more patients coming in, and you can talk about [] and whatever else. The crystal ball hasn't gotten much clearer as we approach a new year in which a lot of this stuff kicks in."

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