How to Hire Hospital Staff in Volume and Maintain Quality

Chelsea Rice, February 4, 2013

In an interview at the anniversary of her first year as vice president of human resources at Christus Health, Marty Margetts discusses how she accomplished her primary objective—the hiring of 700 new employees to staff the health system's new headquarters building in Irving, TX. It opened January 23 and will eventually have over 1,000 employees.

Margetts oversees 30,000 employees domestically and abroad at the non-profit Catholic health system's 350 facilities. She has 23 years of healthcare experience.

HLM: What opportunities or challenges does hiring at such a high volume provide an HR department?

I've looked at it as an exciting time for us because it's very rare, with the exception of a startup company, that you would ever be able to bring in a set of talent at the magnitude that we are able to.

It's been a very exciting time, and it's given us an opportunity to provide a lot of standardization around our recruitment and culture. We've been able to articulate our culture more effectively over a broad group of people.

It's challenging from the logistics standpoint. There's such a short period of time, and your workload is harder, but also from a human resources perspective, you want to provide that same level of service as if you were fully staffed and bringing [potential employees] in to be interviewed one or two at a time.

So it's definitely challenging to make sure that our onboarding is the most efficient as possible and all of the new associates are being given the same level of service that we would normally provide. But overall, I think it's a very exciting type of challenge to be in.


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