News Roundup: Job Growth and Accusations of Bullying

Cora Nucci, November 11, 2013

Government data shows continued but mild job growth in the healthcare sector during the month of October. And an HR problem in the NFL dominates headlines for another week and raises questions about hostile workplace cultures beyond the locker room.


>>>Unemploymen Rate: October 2011-2013

October 2013 Job Growth Moderate
Healthcare continues to create jobs despite the brisk pace of mergers and acquisitions, which are often associated with job losses. These jobs are not growing at the same rate as just a year ago, however.

The preliminary data in the Employment Situation Summary [PDF] released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics says "Health care employment increased over the month (+15,000). Job growth in health care has averaged 17,000 per month thus far this year, compared with an average monthly gain of 27,000 in 2012." The unemployment rate bumped up slightly to 7.3%.

Employment increased in leisure and hospitality, retail trade, professional and technical services, manufacturing, and healthcare. As in recent months—October, September, and August—growth in the healthcare sector took place primarily in ambulatory healthcare settings (11%). Hospitals (2.2%) and nursing and residential facilities (1.8%) showed relatively modest expansion.

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