The Tennessean, September 2, 2010

Four hours into her first day of work on Sept. 1, Mary Jo Lewis, the new CEO of Sumner Regional Medical Center and three other hospitals in Trousdale and Smith counties, sat down with the Gallatin News Examiner to discuss her new leadership role. Sumner Regional Health Systems closed its books yesterday as the $145 million sale to LifePoint Hospitals was finalized. As a first order of business, the company announced this morning that the Sumner Regional name would be changed to HighPoint Health System.

Lewis was one of LifePoint’s original employees when the company was formed in 1999. She was brought on as CEO of a hospital in Mayfield, Ky., and spent more than a decade there before coming to Gallatin. Prior to that she worked as a controller and administrator at Parkway Regional Hospital in Fulton, Ky.

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