Miami Herald, May 20, 2011

A report commissioned by SEIU Local 1991 has concluded that "there are no magical governance answers" to turn around a struggling hospital. The 33-page report by the Washington Economic Group, headed by Coral Gables economist Tony Villamil, was scheduled to be released Friday morning at a breakfast presentation. "No governance structure ? directly determines the effectiveness of a health system," the report stated. It suggested a board of 11 to 14 members seemed to be optimal for some successful hospitals, but it didn't necessarily matter if the board was part of a government structure, nonprofit or for-profit. Local 1991 President Martha Baker was one of two on the 20-member hospital governance task force created by the county commission to not sign the group's recent final report, which recommended that Jackson Health System be converted from a public hospital group to a nonprofit corporation governed by a self-perpetuating board in order to make quick competitive decisions free from government control.

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