Hartford Courant, April 13, 2011

Former Aetna CEO Ronald A. Williams was compensated $72 million in 2010, his last year on the job, including $14.3 million in stocks that vest later and depend on performance. The largest source of pay for Williams was $50.4 million in value realized through the exercise of options that were granted in 2001, and would have expired in early 2011. He also received $1.1 million in salary, $2.75 million in incentive pay, an additional $2.3 million in pension value and other compensation of $299,838. Williams, 61, stepped down as chief executive officer on Nov. 29, but remained chairman until his retirement on Friday. Williams' successor, Mark T. Bertolini, 54, was compensated $4.8 million in salary, incentive pay, change in pension value, stocks vested and other compensation. Additionally, he received $5.8 million in stock awards that vest later and depend on performance.
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